Reviewing Earlier Works

"Time is free but it's priceless" - DALAI LAMA

1988 Helena Vogelzang with - "A smile I love' the original porcelain sculpture... and some years later, the subject Mr H C Vogelzang, the artists father, posing with the bronze reproduction.

Early Ceramic Sculptures

These unique once - off porcelain works were created by Helena in the 1980's when she started sculpting in earnest. Whilst employed as an assistant and children's pottery teacher at an established ceramic studio, in the North of Johannesburg.

In her spare time and with an idealistic view she set forth to create her one of a kind 'Women of the Eighties' series of studies. Inadvertantly creating some unique and bespoke pieces. 

With foresight Helena employed a professional photographer at the time,  which resulted in this rare photographic record of those ceramic sculptures.

This idealism of course, was not sustainable for a young an emerging sculptor and by default she learned how to have her artworks reproduced and cast in the time honoured tradition of bronze casting ...trancsioning from clay to wax and wax to bronze rather reluctantly.

Those people who supported the young and emerging artist at that time accquired some valuable investment pieces...underlining that fineart is a sound investment for the future.

In the News

News clippings  -  Now and then...

 Self portrait - monotone drawing mixed media on canvas 1984

Appearing in the Garden And Home magazine in May 2009 

The Marilyn Monroe situ in designer Andre Kleynhans's home, he has a penchant for supporting up and coming artists.