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"From the alchemy of the bronzing process emerge my creative ideas into form." Helena Vogelzang - Sculptor 2011 

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Sculptor Helena Vogelzang is rooted in the continent that has gifted us Nelson Mandela; she currently resides in KwaZulu Natal. Born with Africa in her blood the rich heritage of South Africa has had a profound influence on her work.

Schooled from a young age in the arts, she graduated with distinction at the National School of Arts SA. Here she discovered the wonder of Augusta Rodin and found inspiration from master sculptor Anton van Wouw who was instrumental in introducing the tradition of bronze casting to South Africa from Italy.

Helena is compelled by the complex three dimensional values of form; contour, texture and light are explored, seeking to enter the heart of her subjects, to capture their elusive connectivity, striving to touch on the universal light that she senses present in all things.

Sculpture poses the challenge of capturing movement and harnessing emotion in the static restrictions of a given medium, it is for this artist a persistent exploratory adventure. With it  brings awareness that a truly new idea is a rare and elusive thing and she is mindful of this ethos - "I invent nothing. I rediscover" by Augusta Rodin

With exacting demands her artworks are modelled and reproduced with fine technical skill, revering the timeless tradition of bronze casting. The complex nature of its enduring, primal genesis, a constant fascination...

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Studio: +27 31 708 4991

E mail: arthelena@telkomsa.net

Web site: helenavsculptor.com


The works below have been selected to participate in and be on exhibit in Italy...Click on them for a viewing 

The sculptures to be on exhibit at the Biennale 

Photographic credits:

 Harry Lock > Shannon Johnstone > Russel Wassefal