Commissioned Work

"An absolutely new idea is one of the rarest things known to man" -  THOMAS MORE

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A wonderful  new tradition at Thomas More College KZN...on graduation the sculpture is touched as part of the final year celebrations for good luck into the future. 

...the work in progress the wax original of the exciting sculpture of Thomas More in the making! 

This sculpture of the great Icon was designed and sculpted with love and the legacy of it's creation should spring from the same source. It is Helena's wish that funds can be raised through this work securing a better future for South Africa's children.

"I hope one day to be able to turn this piece into a huge sculpture that stands in a public space. I see children climbing and playing on it, basking in the love and warmth that is so evident in this great man. His example of selflessness and love of his country and it's people should live on for all it's children." Helena Vogelang, 2006 

In 1992 the trophy designed by Helena for the Bloodline Series of races - this one being the Bloodline Derby for Clarewood Racecourse in Natal 

The sculpture of the legendary racehorse 'Hawaii' donated by Helena to raise funds at auction for a Children's fund.

Lee Westwood receiving his elephant sculpture commissioned by Sun International for presentation to the field of players at the 2012 Million Dollar Golf Challenge at Sun City


Commission of Xhosa King Sandile For the National Heritage Project  * Click  on the above image to follow link.

 THOMAS MORE COLLEGE Kloof, KwaZulu Natal have recently commissioned HELENA  VOGELZANG to do a life size bronze torso of Sir Thomas More - this is a snippet of the work in progress....

The bronze sculpture was unveiled on 8 August 2011

This fine oil painting by Hans Holbein is the only reliable source of referance...due to the limited pictoral records of the time HELENA is using a decidedly modern approach. She has elicited  the expertise of an IT specialist to create computer generated images - these are aiding her to achieve a true likeness of this 14th Centuary character - effectively bringing him into the 21st Centuary.

 Other Notable Commissions

Helena has undertaken extensive commissions for various private and corporate individuals. Her body of work covers a diverse range of subject matter including life size pieces, such as portraits of individuals and horses, sensitive renditions of our wildlife heritage and more abstract work on display in public spaces. One such commission came from the German based Schering Pharmaceutical Company who commissioned Helena to create an installation for their South African office in Midrand and at the IHD headquarters in Linbro Park, incorporating two sections of the Berlin Wall.

Another of her works on public display, is a three-quarter-life size seated figure of Swami Nischalananda, founding father of The Ramakrishna Centre of South Africa based in Natal.     A life size bronzed Grey Duiker is on public display in Botswana, commissioned by the Government of that country. There is also a comprehensive collection of her fine Equine sculptures and trophy designs in the foyer of the Thoroughbred Breeders Association in Germiston SA. Turffontein Racecourse  in Johannesburg commissioned Helena to do a bronze portrait of the legendary racehorses Aquanaut and Hawaii copies of which were also donated by Helena for auction to raise funds for the Star Seaside Children's Fund. During this time the artist was also privately commissioned by some well known patrons of the racing industry. An example of such is the portrait of 'Spook and Diesel' the race winning Thoroughbred owned by Bridget and Harry Oppenheimer.

In 2001 Helena settled in Kwazulu Natal from Gauteng. After a break from the art world Helena began work on the seminal sculpture of her career,  her representation of   South Africa's greatest son Nelson Mandela, which Helena envisages in a public place so people can have access to the wonder that is Madiba.

Helena's bronze portrait of 'Princess Diana' saw her being invited by M NET , South Africa's premium satellite network channel, to 'The Concert for Diana' at the new Wembley stadium in London in 2007. 

Bronze portrait of the Thouroughbred racehorse 'Spook and Diesel'  commissioned by Bridgette Oppenheimer.

A different aspect of the Bloodline Derby trophy. 

This work was created as a floating trophy for the horserace 'The Bloodline Classic' in 1992. I wanted to honour the great equine artist George Stubbs by representing one of his paintings in bronze. The inspiration came from the 1765 painting depicting the Thouroughbred, Gimcrack on Newmarket Heath.