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Catalogue of Works


Subject: Marilyn Monroe

Title: Gauzy Girl

Limited edition of twenty

 # 1of 20 - SOLD

# 2 of 20 - SOLD

# 3 of 20 - SOLD

# 4 of 20 - SOLD

# 5 of 20 - SOLD

# 6 of 20 - SOLD

# 7 of 20  - SOLD

# 8 of 20 - SOLD

# 9 of 20 - Available to order


This image of Marilyn Monroe sitting in a wicker chair was inspired by a charming series of portraits taken by photographer Milton H. Greene. They seem to capture those whimsical, elusive and ethereal qualities that continue to fascinate. The title: 'Gauzy Girl' reflects those aspects of her character which Helena has managed to translated into the solid medium of bronze. Caught here is  a glimpse of Norma Jean - the vulnerable girl that always seemed to shine through the demeanor of her stardom and her sex symbol status, fragile and fleeting

Size:L 300mm x W 300mm x H 320mm

Subject: Mother Teresa and infant

Title: MOTHER 'T

Limited edition of ten

# 1 of 10 - Reserved

# 2 of 10 - SOLD

# 3 of 10 - SOLD

# 4 0F 10 - Available in stock at 'De Galeriet' - Holland.

Subject: Mother Teresa

Title: Mother 'T'

Limited edition of ten

Description: Mother Teresa holding an infant, there is humbleness here, full of grace and truth that shines like a burning light in dark times. I did'nt even have to try making this sculpture, it just came into being.

Size: L 210mm x W 210mm x H 340mm

Subject: Nelson Mandela

Title: Madiba


This sculpture of our greatest icon was designed and sculpted with love and the legacy of it's creation should spring from the same source. It is Helena's wish that funds raised through this work will go towards securing a better future for South Africa's children. This is a Marquette for a larger sculpture which she hopes one day to turn into a huge sculpture that stands in a public space as an example of his selflessness and love for his country which should live on for all it's children. 

Subject: Historic bronze portrait of Xhosa King Sandile for client National Heritage Project Monument.

Public Monument

One off edition - SOLD

Life Size


Subject: Pablo Picasso

Title: Thin Air

Limited Edition of twenty (New work)

# 1 of 20 - SOLD

# 2 of 20 - Available in stock - Recieved recognition from the Confederation of European Art Critics Award at the Biennale in Italy 2011.


A dynamic portrait in bronze of the enigmatic artist weaving his magic from 'thin air'. He and his art were always in motion, spontaneous and in your face. In this interactive sculpture Helena has translated a fluid and direct composition, the figure stands intensely on the edge scribing a vortex...a universal symbol of energy. The spiral acts as a magnate  drawing one in...or out!

Size: L 340mm x W 340mm x H 355mm (including the spiral)

Subject: The Honourable 14th Dalai Lama

Title: 14th Dalai Lama

Limited edition of fourteen (New work)

# 1 of 14 - Available in stock


A portait of the engaging 14th Dalai Lama gracing us with his presence, in this animated torso study, including his expressive hands which are integral to his character, as an ambassador of peace and to the ritual involved in his role as a monk.

Size: L 300mm x W 220mm x H 330mm

Subject: Audrey Hepburn

Title: Cat

Limited edition of ten

# 1 of 10 - SOLD

# 2 0f 10 - Available in stock at 'De Galeriet' - Holland. Featured at 'Eternal Eve' Exhibition La Galleria - Pall Mall - London

Size: L 160mm x W 140mm x H 460mm


A portait in bronze of the stylish iconic actress and philanthropist as she appeared in 'Breakfast at Tiffanny's' with 'Cat' her co - star."God kissed her on the cheek and there she was" Billy Wilder, Director. 

Subject: Mr H C Vogelzang

Title: A smile I love

Private collection

Description: This is an example of the type of portaiture that Helena can be commissioned to do.This is a three-quater-life size bronze bust of the artists father.

Size: L 17mm x W 160mm x H 350mm

Subject: Historic Bronze Torso of Sir Thomas More commissioned by Thomas More College Kwa Zulu Natal

On public display at the school

Limited Edition of Five

# 1 of 5 - SOLD

# 2 of 5 - Available to order

Wildlife & animal studies 

 "Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better" - ALBERT EINSTEIN


Subject: A commissioned work - a portrait of the clients dog Bella

Title: 'Bella Ballerina'

Limited Edition: of five

# 1 of 5 - SOLD

# 2 of 5 - Available to order

Subject: Commission for client -  National Heritage Monument - Xhosa King Sandile astride a Cape horse or Boer perd

Life size

Public Monument

One off Edition - SOLD 

Subject: Male Meerkat

Title: Sun Angel - The Sentinal

Limited edition of twenty (New work)

 # 1 of 20 - SOLD         # 10 of 20 -

 # 2 of 20 - SOLD

#  3 of 20 - SOLD

# 4 of 20 - SOLD

# 5 of 20 - SOLD

# 6 of 20 - SOLD

# 7 0f 20 - SOLD

# 8 of 20 - SOLD 

# 9 of 20 - available to order

Size: L 320mm x W 340mm x H 510mm  


Life size portrait of a male Meerkat on sentinel duty characteristically keeping watch atop a bronzed piece of found termite preserving a piece of sun baked African earth. According to African folk lore these charming creatures are referred to  as "Sun Angles" and are revered as the guardians  of daylight.

Subject: Endangered Pangolin

Title: 'Pangolin CITIES 1'

Limited Edition of thirty

# 1 of 30 - SOLD

# 2 of 30 - SOLD

# 3 of 30 - SOLD

# 4 0f 30 -  Available in stock. ( Selected to represented South Africa at the 5th Beijing Biennale 2012 in China)

Size: L 140mm x W 140mm x H 290mm


The Pangolin or Scaly Anteater is listed as CITIES 1 - meaning they are on the endangered list! This articulated sculpture will hopefully draw attention to the plight of the Pangolin or 'Ietermagog' derived from the San word to describe this endearing creature. 

Subject: A three times life size study of the Natal Tree Frog in a branch stand.

Title: 'Jump'

Original edition of six , frog only on Perspex mount -  SOLD OUT

This Limited edition of twenty

# 1 of 20 - SOLD - Imbizo Gallery, Ballito, KZN * Recieved recognition from the Confederation  of European Art Critics Award at the Biennale in Italy 2011.

 # 2 of 20 - Available to order


I created this three times life size Natal tree frog in 1994 and decided to update it in 2009. I created this new edition in the tree stand. It enables a wonderful view point of this little gem of the bush. It is now an interactive sculpture that can be admired in the round.

Size :L 90mm x W 36mm x H 2 meters

Subject: National bird of South Africa the Blue Crane.

Title: 'Big Boy and Lady - A song and dance'

Limited edition of nine.

Sold as a pair

# 1 of 9 - SOLD

# 2 of 9 - SOLD

# 3 of 9 - SOLD

# 4 0f 9 - SOLD

# 5 of 9 - SOLD - * Recieved recognition from the Confederation of European Art Critics  at the Biennale in Italy 2011

# 6 of 9 - SOLD  - Imbizo Gallery

# 7 of 9 - SOLD - Imbizo Gallery

# 8 of 9 - Available to order

# 9 of 9 - Available to order

Size: Big Boy - L 740mm x W 210mm x H 1170mm

Lady - L 780mm x 930mm x H 830mm


Big Boy and Lady are studies from life of a successful captive breeding pair of birds that reside in the North of Johannesburg South Africa. 'Big Boy' paid me the ultimate compliment when he came up to challenge his likeness in wax, when I was working on the piece in the open air studio I had set up. He performed a 'song and dance' with his Lady when he established there was no threat from this 'new bird' on his turf. I was only going to do a single study of the Blue Crane but after that incident I had to do an interpretation of that moment, so a study of 'Lady' was created interacting with him and so capturing that special moment. 

Subject: Lion and Lioness

Title: Thulele Umzuzu Quiet moment

Limited edition of six

# 1 of 6 - SOLD     

# 2 of 6 - SOLD

# 3 of 6 - SOLD

# 4 of 6 - SOLD

# 5 of 6 - SOLD

# 6 OF 6 - Last one available to order

Size L 490mm x W 260mm x H 130mm


This work was commissioned as a retirement gift for the outgoing Chairman of a coropration. I tried to capture that aspect - a 'quiet moment' between actions.




Subject: Lesser Bushbaby

Title:' Bushbaby/Nagapie Lesser Bushbaby'

Limited Edition of twenty

# 1 of 20 - SOLD

# 2 of 20 - SOLD

# 3 of 20 - SOLD

# 4 of 20 - SOLD

# 5 of 20 - SOLD

# 6 of 20 - Available in stock


Subject: Marquett of the life size 'Sentinal' standing on a fragment of termite mound.

Title: 'Sun Angel - Mini Sentinal

Open Edition:

# 1 open - SOLD

# 2 open - Available in stock

Subject: A small study of a family group of three Meerkats.

Title: 'Sun Angels'

Open Edition: Marquettes (small sampel) for a life size work

# 1 - SOLD        

# 2 - SOLD

# 3 - SOLD

# 4 - SOLD

# 5 - SOLD

# 6 - Available to order

Size: L 220mm x W 30mm x H 200mm


These little studies were created with the intention of making a life size piece. The result of which is 'The Sentinal'. The edition is open but will still be limited to a small number.

Subject: Meerkat Mum and pups

Title: Sun Angels

Open Edition: Marquette for a life size piece

# 1 - SOLD

# 2 - SOLD

# 3 - SOLD

# 4 - SOLD

# 5 - Available to order

Size: L 220mm x W 30mm x 120mm


Meerkat female with two suckling pups, they were added to the extended family. 

Subject:Larger than life - Flap Neck Chameleon in a branch stand.

Title: 'Walks carefully'

Original edition of six - Chameleon only - SOLD 2

This Limited edition of twenty

# 1 of 20 - SOLD - Imbizo Gallery

# 2 of 20 - Available to order


A larger than life size female Chameleon adapted to the same tree branch as the frog. Which makes for an engaging sculpture the detail of which can be appreciated up close at eye level and in the round.

Size: L 90mm x W 36mm x H 2 Meters 




Subject: Toco Toucan

Title: 'Coco'

Limited edition of four.

# 1 of 4 - SOLD

# 2 of 4 - Available in stock

Size: L 630mm x W 580mm x H 20mm


Created in 1993 this wall mural was Inspired by a logo design provided by the client, the commissioned work was modeled from a live captive bred bird called - 'Coco' theToco Toucan. She was an excellent model and provided ample entertainment, catching berries in mid air and showing her red stick like tongue. Toucans are the most surreal of Gods creatures they are fascinating works of natural art and are truely the most perfect living sculptures. Nothing can capture the translucent light when it shines through that bill and the blue surrounding the eyes has the gem like colour of Lapis Lazulie.

Title: The Egg

Limited Edition: Ten

 # 1 of 10 - SOLD

# 2 of 10 -  SOLD

# 3 of 10 - Available in stock

Size: L 310mm x W 310mm x H 210mm


This is the sculpture that 'put HELENA on the map' so to speak in the Art world. A type of 'African Babushka' a nest of eggs within eggs...including an Ostrich,crocodile,chick and turtle. It has been described as an 'excecutive's toy'

 Subject: Lioness pair and cub

Title: Dandelions

Limited edition of six

# 1 - SOLD

# 2 of 6 - Available to order

Size: L 580mm x W 420mm x H 140mm


This work is a commission by a collector who owns one of the original pair of Lions - 'Thulele Umzuzu'. He requested that I 'add to the pride'.